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      100% Yes! They are made with 100% natural clay, sourced by the potters themselves who have been sourcing it specifically
      for earthenware pottery for generations by their communities. We do not add
      binding or any other material to our earthenware clay products. We stand by the name we have given for our Terracotta Products – Bhumi (Meaning: “Earth” in
      Tamil Language). From Earth to Home.

      As much as drinking that naturally cool water from terracotta bottles is refreshing, unfortunately the very same porous nature of the material is fragile. It is not travel friendly but highly recommended for work desks, dining, bed side table that remains as a constant reminder of the mother earth.

      No, they are not microwave and dishwasher friendly.

      Keeping in mind the design and utility, we have designed three sizes which vary in form, but functions the same. They are 1000ml, 750ml, 500ml.

      Stoneware is one type of ceramic, made from clay, fired at a
      temperature higher than 1,200°C. This results in a more durable material, with a denser, stone-like quality (compared to porcelain or earthenware). 

      Our stoneware collections are made with hand thrown pottery technique and is fired in two rounds to get the final product.

      Microwave friendly – Yes.

      Dishwasher friendly – No. On another note, they are glazed and are easy to hand wash.